Hearing is actually the ear's sensation of external sound stimulation.The formation of hearing is the embodiment of the complex physiological functions of the human body, and it is also obviously affected by psychological emotions. Read More
Hearing is the ability to bring human language communication and music appreciation, and it is an important dimension to bring people happiness. Although we have it at birth without spending a penny, it costs a lot to find it after we lose it. . So let's cherish the protection of our hearing in the sound world. Read More
Hearing aids are high-tech electronic products with very precise internal structures, so maintenance is an important task in hearing aid maintenance.Everyone knows that hearing aids need maintenance, but a few people know how to maintain them and each type of hearing aid requires a different maintenance method. Read More
Some hearing-impaired friends of hearing aid wearers often have no sound from hearing aids, sometimes there are, sometimes not. They didn't pay attention to this small detail, but wasted some money on repairing the hearing aids.If there is no sound from your hearing aid, first don't worry, you must find out the reason why the hearing aid is silent and take corrective measures. Read More
As the saying goes, hearing is important to people. With the increase of age, poor living habits, and prolonged exposure to high-noise environments, people's hearing will be significantly reduced, and even normal work and study will be affected. What causes hearing loss?1.Excessive stress causes hearing loss,2.Hearing loss caused by long-term noise pollution,3.Hearing loss caused by irritating food,4.Hearing loss due to drug toxicity. Read More