What should we do if our hearing aids are silent?

Some hearing-impaired friends of hearing aid wearers often have no sound from hearing aids, sometimes there are, sometimes not. They didn't pay attention to this small detail, but wasted some money on repairing the hearing aids.

If there is no sound from your hearing aid, first don't worry, you must find out the reason why the hearing aid is silent and take corrective measures.

What should we do if our hearing aids are silent?

1.The hearing aid is not turned on or the program is switched incorrectly

In general, hearing aids have no sound, and most of them are not opened. See if the battery door of the hearing aid is fully closed, whether the hearing aid switch is turned on, and whether the hearing aid program is switched to an inappropriate program.

Some old hearing aids have a switch on the body. You need to switch to the "M" position instead of the "T" or "O" position when starting up. Now most hearing aids have a program button.

2.Hearing aid battery is dead

There is no sound from the hearing aid, and there is a reason that the hearing aid battery is almost dead or is exhausted. You can use a tester to check if your hearing aids have power.

There are usually three situations when the battery is dead:1.Long time of use, causing the battery to run out in advance without knowing it;2.The battery is stored improperly. Hearing aid batteries are easily affected by the environment and humidity. Try to keep them in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight;3.there is the battery upside down, the battery should be installed corresponding to the positive and negative poles on the battery compartment.

3.The sound conduction path is blocked

The sound tube and ear mold of the BTE will cause condensation due to the temperature difference, which will cause the hearing aid to be silent. We can remove the sound tube and shake the water drops, or replace the moisture-proof sound tube. For custom-made machines, the baffle or net cover is usually blocked, and it can be replaced by the fitter.Excluding the situations mentioned above, if the hearing aid still has no sound, then there may be a malfunction in the hearing aid. It is recommended to return to the factory for repair.

4.Water and moisture in hearing aids

Although most hearing aids currently have a certain degree of water resistance, this does not mean that hearing aids can be completely exposed to water for a long time. If you accidentally fall into the water, or if there is no sound caused by prolonged rain, it is recommended to send it to the testing center in time to help return to the factory for repair.

5.Moisture and corrosion of hearing aids

Some people often sweat, sweat enters the machine, or the battery is leaked for a long time without being used, which may cause the internal parts of the hearing aid to be corroded and malfunction, and the hearing aid will appear silent. After opening the hearing aid battery door, if you see rust and corrosion inside, you should return to the factory for repair in time.

Hearing aid wearers should regularly visit the optional center for maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance to reduce the problem that hearing aids have no sound.


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