The speech resolution is good or not, it depends on whether the hearing aids can hear clearly

Speech resolution refers to the percentage of testers who can understand the measured vocabulary.

The use of hearing aids is determined by a variety of factors, including the extent of my hearing loss, speech discrimination, the performance of the hearing aid, and the level of adjustment by the fitter.

When hearing is reduced, the human ear can only receive part of the sound, and the other part will be "filtered out", so the heard sound becomes incomplete, and the brain's ability to recognize speech will deteriorate. The more severe the hearing loss, the longer the time. Longer, the worse the ability to discern sound, the lower the speech resolution, and the worse the listening effect.

Most of the elderly's hearing loss is the result of the degradation of physiological functions. Changes in the auditory center lead to a significant decline in auditory discrimination. Therefore, they are always complaining about "hearing but not hearing clearly". This is the change in speech recognition.

The speech resolution is good or not, it depends on whether the hearing aids can hear clearly

Hearing aid users with poor speech discrimination ability, don't give up quickly due to the unsatisfactory initial listening effect, it is important to stick to it. After putting on a hearing aid, you must learn to listen to the sound again and insist on hearing rehabilitation. At the same time, it is recommended to improve the speech intelligibility through binaural fitting to obtain better listening results.

No matter what nature and level of hearing loss, the speech function of the brain will gradually degrade with the change of time. Early hearing intervention can effectively delay the decline of speech resolution.


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