Hearing aids are precision and sensitive electronic devices that keep it clean and dry, which is important for increasing service life.In order to ensure the effect of the hearing aid, we need our usual careful maintenance. Normally, the normal life of a hearing aid is generally 5-8 years, and if it is properly maintained, it will last longer. Read More
Wearing a hearing aid is to give the old man a crutches, but no matter how good the crutches can't make the old man move like a fly, no matter how good the hearing aid can't change the user's speech recognition ability, but only improve the resolution of a part. Read More
More and more office workers suffer from tinnitus and sudden deafness due to increasing work pressure, lack of sleep and excessive use of ears. However, most of them are indifferent to it. They are only temporary symptoms and miss the golden period of medical treatment, which leads to irreversible hearing loss. In fact, sudden deafness is not far away from us. We must not neglect hearing health. Read More
Some friends refuse to wear hearing aids because they feel that wearing hearing aids is a sign of aging and disability.Some friends have hearing loss on one side of the ear. When others speak on the affected side, they need to turn their heads to listen. This is a single ear listening, and it is also recommended to wear a hearing aid.Many friends abandoned the use of hearing aids when they first felt that they were "sound too loud". Read More
Hearing aids are now the most effective tool for solving hearing impairments.For ordinary people: hearing aids are far away from us. There is no need to understand it, to know it, to have hearing impaired, or to have hearing impaired relatives and friends. It is especially important to know and understand the relevant knowledge of hearing aids. People often have many misunderstandings when they are equipped with hearing aids. Read More