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Useful Hearing (Useful Hearing Science and Technology) has been devoting itself to the hearing improvement of the hearing impaired through Science and Technology. Business covers hearing aid, listening device and medical equipment in connection with Otology.

Useful obtained the certificates such as ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and FDA. Every link like R & D, manufacture, sales and service embodies the profession, intelligence and responsibility of Useful team. In high-end market of Europe and USA, with approval of more and more audiologists, the sales grow exponentially. In Middle East,taking advantage of the reliable quality and clear sound, Useful sets a good public praise and gets a stable market share. In 2003, Useful entered the Chinese market and soon found favor with the hearing impaired. Sales volume of Useful hearing aids ranks among the top brands in a short period of 5 years.

With the continuous market success, Useful actively participates in Charity and makes a contribution to society in line with its social responsibility. Useful (China) donated in Yushu disaster area and Wenchuan Earthquake disaster area, ect. The contribution of Useful to society is also the honor of the entire Useful team. Social responsibility has become the main Corporate Culture of Useful.

We Promise

We reply customers at the first time, no matter working days or weekends; all the emails will be responded within 24 hours considered time difference all around the world; all deliveries will be on time, no execuses.

All our products come from our own factories, factory direct, quality assurance and the best price. Advocating "quality, creditability and service", we provide customers with best products by making best use of market information and at lowest consumption.

Principles of Operation

Respect: With respect for the customers, we are committed to a harmonious environment where there are good communications and considerate services. We respect the dignity and intelligence of our employees, building working environment of mutual trust and respect, and advocating a competitive but trusting team spirit.

Innovation: We are dedicated to the innovation of technology, products, and market.

Science: Based on our scientific management and working methods, we ensure to provide high-performance products with latest technology.

Integrity: Conducting our operations with integrity, our business is well-organized at home and abroad, which fully reflects that Confucian culture is maintaining and forwarding in modern business operation.