The presence of these reactions in children wearing hearing aids means may indicate that the maximum sound output is too high,may suggest that the maximum sound output setting is too low and it may indicate that the frequency response and gain of the hearing aid do not match the hearing loss of the child, and need to be debugged at the professional fitting center. Read More
When the hearing aid is not used, the battery compartment on the hearing aid can be turned off when the hearing aid is removed. Then put it into the ordinary dry box (without daily electronic drying), the battery is not taken out. The hearing aid is placed in the drying box. Before you clean up the earplugs, it is recommended to wipe them off with a paper towel or cloth when there is sweat on the machine. Read More
At work, we often compare hearing aids to glasses. After all, they are worn on our heads, all of which can compensate for sensory damage and improve the signal to the brain. Although this comparison helps to eliminate people's concerns about hearing aids, but the two are still very different. Read More
Under normal circumstances (without hearing aids) the external auditory canal is open and this vibrational energy is released without being noticed. When the external auditory canal is closed by the ear mold, this part of the energy is left in the external auditory canal, thereby causing the above phenomenon. This phenomenon is called "plugging effect" in medicine. Read More
The use of bone conduction hearing aids is extremely rare, and the hearing aid effect is extremely limited, so the bone conduction hearing aid is almost extinct. However, it is easy to make them confused because they are almost extinct and are not deaf or understood. In recent years, the effect of bone conduction hearing aids has been over-promoted a lot, and there is a tendency to take a head in the near future. We must have a correct understanding of this. Read More
Most people with hearing loss usually wait for a long time before getting a hearing aid, which will make them gradually forget what normal hearing levels should look like. This is also why people wear the hearing aids for the first time, and they feel that the voices of people around them and the traffic noise are particularly harsh. Read More