With the development of China's economy and society, the noise from various sources has gradually increased, becoming an invisible killer that damages people's hearing. More seriously, the hazards of the vast majority of ordinary people have not received enough attention, and people who are enchanted by high-volume headphones are everywhere. Read More
As the age increases, the body functions also change, so it is easy to get rid of various diseases, deafness and tinnitus is one of the more common diseases. Regardless of the disease, it should be prevented in advance. If it is found, it should be treated as soon as possible. How much do you know about the prevention of deafness? Deafness is a preventable disease and can be effectively prevented. Measures can keep you away from deafness. Read More
First of all, "feeling" that you can't hear a single voice, you don't necessarily have no hearing at all. Secondly, whether or not you can wear a hearing aid must be determined by professional hearing tests. There are cases where you can hear a little sound and you can't wear a hearing aid. Therefore, you must test your hearing as early as possible to wear a hearing aid as soon as possible. Read More
The hearing aid is free of electromagnetic radiation. The hearing aid receives the sound wave for amplification, and performs acoustic-electrical sound conversion. The electromagnetic wave is not emitted outward. The hearing aid battery is static. Only 1.4v or 1.45v voltage does not affect the human body and can be used with confidence. Read More