What are the causes of hearing loss

As the saying goes, hearing is important to people. With the increase of age, poor living habits, and prolonged exposure to high-noise environments, people's hearing will be significantly reduced, and even normal work and study will be affected. What causes hearing loss?

1. Excessive stress causes hearing loss

The health problems of hearing loss caused by excessive work pressure are explained by otolaryngology health experts: This is mainly due to long-term work pressure and long-term mental stress. The inner ear is stimulated to cause spasms and blockages of the ear auditory nerve capillaries. Causes blood supply disorders in the inner ear, ischemia of neuroepithelial cells, necrosis due to insufficient oxygen supply, so that hearing suddenly drops a lot without warning. Therefore, ear, nose and throat health experts remind young office workers to pay attention to relax and take part in physical exercise while working hard. At the same time, they should be equipped with a reasonable diet and balanced nutrition to enhance their immunity to prevent sudden hearing loss.

What are the causes of hearing loss

2. Hearing loss caused by long-term noise pollution

In addition, noise pollution is a health issue that cannot be ignored. In order to relieve work pressure and charging, many white-collar workers often wear headphones in life, listen to music, sing hard songs, and learn foreign languages. The sound is too loud but they do not know it. In the long term, the eardrum is unbearable, and the auditory nerve of the person may Frequent and powerful sound waves become unresponsive and cause hearing loss.

What are the causes of hearing loss

3. Hearing loss caused by irritating food

Tobacco, spicy, barbecue and other irritating things are also the enemy of hearing loss. There are many white-collar workers who are addicted to tobacco and alcohol. In addition to work, their lives are also full of color and fragrance, which will cause severe irritation of the ear capillaries and auditory nerves. In addition, it can also be used to drink Luercha from the ancient tea series. At present, people's methods of treating diseases can be roughly divided into two types of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine takes western medicine quickly, but the side effects it produces also make people sweat; Chinese medicine, drinking Chinese medicine, soups, meals, and meals are difficult to bear. Chinese medicine, after all, is a medicine, and it should not be taken for a long time.

4. Hearing loss due to drug toxicity

Drug poisoning is also an important factor in hearing loss. At present, there are many pharmacies on the market, and people have long been used to buying medicines without the guidance of a doctor to treat diseases. So once the patient accidentally takes some toxic drugs such as nerve damage, capillaries, and infections, there is no serious reaction in the whole body, but Hearing has suddenly decreased.


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