Five misunderstandings in choosing hearing aids

Hearing aids are one of the most effective tools for hearing impairment today. Therefore, for hearing-impaired individuals or hearing-impaired relatives and friends, it is especially important to know and understand the relevant knowledge of hearing aids.

Five misunderstandings in choosing hearing aids

Most people often have the following misunderstandings when choosing a hearing aid:

1.No need to wear

Many people think that as long as others speak louder, they can still hear them without the help of a hearing aid. In fact, this is wrong. Hearing loss is generally required for hearing loss below 40dB. Studies have shown that hearing aids can delay the phenomenon of hearing loss and maintain the original speech recognition ability.

2.Feeling cured

Many hearing impaired patients are told not to follow the doctor's advice when they need to use hearing aids after the doctor diagnoses and treats no results, hoping to seek medical advice everywhere, hoping to find a cure. In fact, as far as neurological hearing loss is concerned, there is no effective treatment around the world. Wearing hearing aids as early as possible can not only effectively solve daily communication problems, but also help to improve speech discrimination and reduce atrophy of the auditory nerve and brain. It can also prevent the occurrence of elderly depression and dementia.

3.Choose only cheap

Many people think that the appearance of hearing aids is similar. I just buy one that can hear sound. Some experts have analyzed the differences between digital hearing aids and analogue machines, and directly poke from hundreds to tens of thousands. Why are the prices of hearing aids so different? Read, don't want your hearing aids to become more and more deaf, please be sure to get the most suitable hearing aids at a regular fitting institution.

4.Wear only one

Patients with hearing loss in both ears are less than ideal in the later stages of wearing hearing aids with one ear, especially when there is a lot of environmental noise or noisy people, and they can't hear what others are saying. Experiments have shown that wearing hearing aids in both ears can significantly improve speech recognition rate, has a more sense of direction than one ear, and can increase the three-dimensional sense of sound, making the sound clear and full.

5.Lack of timely maintenance

Fully digital hearing aids have multiple functions that require regular maintenance and debugging to achieve the most satisfactory results and extend the life of the hearing aid. Therefore, in addition to the product of the optional hearing aid, after-sales service is also very important!

Five misunderstandings in choosing hearing aids


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