Can the hearing aid be used by the rain?

Hearing aids are protected from moisture, heat and water. Hearing aids should be removed during face washing, shampooing, swimming and hairspray. Protect from rain when raining. In wet seasons and areas, as well as those who love sweating, pay special attention to keep dry and stick to desiccant.

Can the hearing aid be used by the rain?

After being exposed to the rain, it is definitely not available immediately. Don't try to try it on to see if there is any sound. If the hearing aid does not ensure that it is in the water, if there is water inside, try to wear the inner part of the hearing aid. Short circuit, then it is very likely to be scrapped. After raining, clean the surface with a clean cotton cloth or paper towel, then remove the battery, open the battery compartment door, and put it into the special drying box for the hearing aid. If the rain is not long, you can dry it for 8 hours. After that, the general moisture is gone, you can try it on and see if there is any sound.

Hearing aids belong to an electronic product. We all know that all electronic products are very afraid of water, and so are hearing aids.

Can the hearing aid be used by the rain?

What if the hearing aid accidentally rains?

First, remove the battery. Never use the hearing aid again. Check the hearing aid for sound. Because the hearing aid enters the water, the water will fill up the limited space inside the hearing aid, the water can conduct electricity, and short circuit when energized, so that the hearing aid that is all right is completely damaged. So it is wise to remove the battery and perform a simple drying process before checking.

Then how to carry out a simple drying process? If it is during the day, it is recommended to take the center of the optional hearing aid for electronic drying and drying. If it is inconvenient at night or the road is far away, then it is recommended that you use a hair dryer low temperature file to dry the distance of about 10 cm, the time is about 10-20 minutes. Or use the electric blanket to dry at a constant temperature for 2-3 hours. The above two methods are useless, then you can only temporarily put the drying box, and get the hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible.

Here also introduces the desiccant, also known as color changing silica gel. That is, chemical products that change color after water absorption and water removal can be used repeatedly, which is very convenient and good. It is recommended that when you find that the color of the desiccant changes a lot, turn the desiccant into a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes (do not put the hearing aid in the microwave oven), and then use it again after the color returns to normal. Remind the battery after entering the water again. Do not attempt to disassemble the test yourself. It must be sent to the hearing aid fitting center for treatment and then handled by professionals.


a, hearing aids routinely perform moisture absorption maintenance every day;

b, every month to the fitting center, a professional vacuum dehumidification maintenance;

c, the hearing aid waterproof and moisture absorption work is done, the service life will also increase, and the hearing aid effect is more stable.

Can the hearing aid be used by the rain?


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