Will hearing aids become more deaf?

Many people think that over time, the degree of wearing glasses is getting higher and higher, and the vision is getting worse and worse, so it is inferred that hearing ability will become worse after wearing hearing aids.

Will hearing aids become more deaf?

So, will hearing aids make hearing worse?

Think about it. If you are short-sighted or far-sighted but don't wear glasses, will your vision improve, stay the same, or continue to decline? The answer is simple, keep going down.

Because presbyopia does not wear reading glasses, with age, "presbyopia" will also become heavier, which is the inevitable result of visual function degradation. In the same way, the degree of myopia of college students without myopia will increase, and it will increase even more. This is because they need vision more than ordinary people. Needed without the help of glasses, it can only cause visual fatigue and accelerate the process of refractive error. Hearing is the same. Hearing aids are needed without hearing aids, which only increase hearing difficulties and speed up the process of hearing degradation. Conversely, wearing hearing aids suitable for your own hearing will not lead to worsening hearing.

Of course, there is one exception: deaf people wear hearing aids that are not suitable for them. We know that wearing a 800-degree myopia for 300-degree myopia is obviously harmful and unhelpful. The same goes for hearing aids.

Therefore, hearing aids need and must be fitted, and they are more complex and detailed than glasses.

In the end, it is concluded that wearing a hearing aid that has been accurately fitted, suitable, and qualified will not increase the degree of deafness, and will help slow the process of deafness.


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